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Locum Integration: Your IT partner
Not just PMO provision, also Design, Integration, Consultancy and Equipment Supply

Project Management

As a full service PMO, Locum Integration specializes in I.T. program and project management services for one project or a portfolio of technology or telecommunications projects.
Locum offers PMO ON DEMAND™ and can provide management for short duration projects (less than 3 months or less than 40 hours per week).

RF Communications and SCADA

In the field of RF Communications and SCADA Design, Security and Implementation, Locum Integration has years of experience designing, configuring and implementing a variety of SCADA applications to support a broad range of functions to control virtually any application.
With access to seasoned engineering staff, our designs for ultra wide area networks are unparalleled.

Consulting, Assessment and Audit

From single office to multi-location, Locum Integration provides full service I.T. engineering, design, consultation and auditing, including a security evaluation of your existing network.
Locum can also provide a full assessment of projects, from feasibility through to the effectiveness of the deployment. Our staff can also contribute to ongoing monitoring and audit.

Data Networks, Cabling and WiFi

Locum Integration specializes in infrastructure design and implementation, fiber optic cabling, WiFi and wireless systems and network connectivity.

Honeypoint and TigerTrax Security

HoneyPoint Server - visibility, detection and strategic response to hacking and network compromise. TigerTrax - rapid and effective deep-web monitoring of social media and potential points of interest.

IP Video and Risk Management

Locum Integration's state-of-the-art , customized surveillance systems can not only increase security but also reduce corporate exposure by reducing fraudulent workers compensation claims and mitigating the high costs of litigation.

Locum Integration is expanding its Californian operations.

During 2017, Locum will increase its presence throughout the state from its Los Angeles and Sacramento offices

Just a few of our team's more notable projects

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What some of our clients say about us....

Locum Integration provided excellent PMO and IT Project Manager support for both Gas & Electric statewide SCADA Initiatives and MRTU Program under their Transmission and Distribution IT Department.. Locum Project Managers ran the SCADA installations for 28 Electric Substations and well as 53 Gas Plants, utilizing everything from VSAT through Microwave to more traditional T-1 and Fiber connectivity to get station telemetry back to the Command and Monitoring Centers, helping us meet national FERC and NERC requirements as required by the Department of Homeland Security.

Additionally, they handled the frequency acquisition, radio selection and subsequent deployment across the whole state, working with all regulatory bodies and third parties involved in such a mammoth undertaking

Large Utility Corporation, California
When Furnlec Services Ltd. finished its last UK contract working in the film industry, we approached Locum Integration LLC with a view to relocating our business to the U.S. Their extremely professional help has been invaluable to us and they have provided some unique services above and beyond our expectations. They successfully wound up our operations in The UK and provided us with the servers and framework for our U.S. customers to be able to contact us whilst moving and for existing employees to stay in the loop. We now consult them before undertaking any new contracts as Locum integration has also helped both to streamline our services and maximise profits. I would not hesitate to recommend Locum Integration to anyone needing help with designing or running a business, modernising or relocating. Their inspired staff are always approachable and are my number one choice for any questions concerning further business development.

TJ Palmer, Furnlec Services
We would like to thank Locum Integration for its participation in the Caesars Entertainment Corporation’s Pervasive WiFi Project in 2014 through 2016. Locum Integration IT Project Managers were instrumental in facilitating the largest WiFi deployment in North America; Some 48,000 WiFi Access Points across 38 properties in the United States were installed, with download speeds of up to 50Mb/Second. Every single hotel room had its own AP installed, as well as thousands of AP’s on the Casino Floors.

Completed on-time and under budget, this state-of-the-art system greatly improved both the customer guest WiFi experience, as well as Back-of-House and Point of Sale functionality at the various properties.

We specialize in the entire IT life cycle

From the Business Case through to the Completion Certificate, Locum can provide a full turnkey solution for your company, with savings of up to thirty percent.

Use the contact button below to request a quotation.

Locum Integration LLC

Locum Integration is an independent Information Technology company that offers project management, systems integration, vendor management and dedicated equipment source and supply to its clients. Vender agnostic, Locum can source worldwide and offers custom purchasing services for individual projects.

Locum PMO

Locum's PMO offerings comprise a wide spectrum of services from traditional PM placement, complete PMO outsourcing through to our flagship service, PMO ON DEMAND™.
Locum is able to provide PMs for either less than 40 hrs per week or for projects with a short term duration.

Locum Equipment

Locum has access to vendors all over the world and is able to source the complete hardware needs of a project from a simpe SCSI connector through to a complete Data Room. We can also dispose of yuor legacy equipment.

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