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Locum Integration LLC

Locum Integration is a Full-Service, Customer Driven, IT consultancy and Project Management Office (PMO).

Locum Integration specializes in IT Program and Project Management, Network Design and Engineering, Infrastructure Deployment Management, Data Security and Engineering Consultation.

Locum is Industry Sector Agnostic; We work across all sectors in the IT World; Gaming, Utilities, Energy, Transportation, Health Care, Banking, Defense, Government and other enterprises.

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Trademarked in 2016

Many IT projects do not require FT 40-hour-a-week attention. “On-Demand PMO” is our trademarked service whereby companies can pre-purchase blocks of IT-PMO hours that they can use “on-the-fly” and at their discretion in helping to run or manage their technology projects at different points in their life-cycle – say, as opposed to having a full-time person on-staff.

This allows a company to better manage the project overhead and expense while having access to specific technology expertise when they need it. In addition to our On-Demand model, Locum can also function as a traditional PMO.



Locum Integration LLC

We specialize in managing clients Telecommunications and low voltage needs when they have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of stores or retail outlets across the country. With one phone call we can handle all of their low-voltage and Telecom needs at any of their major market locations across the country, whether it be a phone not working, MAC (moves adds and changes) work, planned project work, or emergency repair during business hours and after-hours (2-hour and 4-hour response times.)

We’re also working with partners to develop and offer clean, reliable, micro-nuclear power solutions for data centers, particularly AI data centers, which require much more dedicated power to carry out their computationally intensive tasks.

In addition, we partner with other IT Consultancy companies to offer fractional CTO/CIO services to help companies spin-up a technology project utilizing strategies to keep the project on time and on budget while improving operational efficiency, until permanent employees can be placed.

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