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Locum Integration was founded by two project managers with the purpose of streamlining the whole Project Management process, both for clients and our staff alike. Like other professions, the 'body of knowledge' has become large and overbearing, almost to the point of being cost prohibative and a huge unprofitable overhead to most clients.

As a result, Locum has built its service offering to provide a cradle to grave resource, reducing cost and administrative burden. The whole aim is to provide superior performance and be a one-stop shop for project delivery and IT integration.

Project Management

Project Management is at Locum's core, with the company actually founded by two project managers with the sole aim of offering an alternative to the traditional administrative-heavy processes and huge PMO departments that stifle effective project delivery. It's a joke, but the company's mantra is "we don't polish the shovel, we roll-up our sleeves and dig in" reflecting Locum's mission that service and project delivery is paramount and when the need arises, all resources are focused to produce the desired results.

Locum provides the full range of PMO services, from the preparing the business case and managing the project through to vendor management and post completion reviews.

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Consultancy, Assessment and Audit

With a combined experience of over half a century, Locum's team have delivered countless projects in the US and Europe. Although it impossible to 'fix the un-fixable', you can take advantage of Locum's Assessment and Audit services for your PMO or individual projects at any stage, from feasibilty study through to post go-live assessment. More than one client has benefited from Locum's advice, either from realistic re-alignment of project deliverable dates or in several instances, implementing new vendor or sub-contractor controls.

In co-opertion with our partners, Locum can also provide specialist IT engineering consultancy as well.

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Systems Design and Engineering

With computing now seen as a utility, it is easy to forget many of the newer and necessary features of your essential software requires that your whole infrastructure is able to support it. Locum frequently discovers old, expensive servers that are out of support and vulnerable, yet essential to the day to day business activities, for example, Locum discovered that a major healthcare provider was reliant on an operating system released in 1987 and last upgraded 15 years ago to run its voicemail system at a major hospital. That is why Locum Integration offers an holistic service end to end, including assessment and integration, not limited to the current deployment.

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Cabled and WiFi Networks

From installing a data socket through to a state-wide network over microwave, fiber, phonelines and traditional structured cabling, Locum has a long pedigree in designing and deploying networks. End-point distribution can either be fixed, or use multi-node WiFi. Locum recently managed a 47,000 wireless access point network,including the necessary cabling to connect these to the outside world.

As WiFi becomes more prevelent, a commonn problem is where  multiple independent Wireless routers compete for the same channels.  Locum can advise and work with you to overcome this.

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SCADA design, engineering and security

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is a system for remote monitoring and control that operates with coded signals over communication channels (using typically one communication channel per remote station).

Locum's team worked with one of the top ten public utilities to design and implement a new gas control system statewide, allowing control center staff to balance loads at street level. This project also involved the erection of a new PMR radio network and frequency planning prior to the physical deployment.

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HoneyPoint™ and TigerTrax™

HoneyPoint Security Server™ is a patented platform of distributed honeypot technologies. Whether you are seeking a better way to do intrusion detection, a manageable tool for white listing or a bleeding edge mechanism for actively tampering with attackers during an incident, you have found what you are seeking.

TigerTrax™ is a proprietary platform for gathering and analyzing data from the social media sphere and the overall web. This sophisticated platform, originally developed for threat intelligence purposes, provides the team with a unique capability to rapidly and effectively monitor the world’s data streams for potential points of interest.

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IP-based Video Security

Locum Integration's IP Video Surveillance systems provide access to video at any time from any network location, allowing remote monitoring, investigation, and incident response by remote physical security staff or law enforcement personnel.

Locum Integration offers a diverse portfolio of products, and a suite of features, that can enhance the ability to securely and reliably transport security video footage across an IP network. An open, standards-based infrastructure is employed, enabling flexible deployment and control of new security applications.

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Locum Integration LLC

Locum Integration is an independent Information Technology company that offers project management, systems integration, vendor management and dedicated equipment source and supply to its clients. Vender agnostic, Locum can source worldwide and offers custom purchasing services for individual projects.

Locum PMO

Locum's PMO offerings comprise a wide spectrum of services from traditional PM placement, complete PMO outsourcing through to our flagship service, PMO ON DEMAND™.
Locum is able to provide PMs for either less than 40 hrs per week or for projects with a short term duration.

Locum Equipment

Locum has access to vendors all over the world and is able to source the complete hardware needs of a project from a simpe SCSI connector through to a complete Data Room. We can also dispose of yuor legacy equipment.

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