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Locum Integration LLC

Locum Integration is an independent Information Technology company that offers project management, systems integration, vendor management and dedicated equipment source and supply to its clients. Vender agnostic, Locum can source worldwide and offers custom purchasing services for individual projects.

Locum PMO

Locum's PMO offerings comprise a wide spectrum of services from traditional PM placement, complete PMO outsourcing through to our flagship service, PMO ON DEMAND™.
Locum is able to provide PMs for either less than 40 hrs per week or for projects with a short term duration.

Locum Equipment

Locum has access to vendors all over the world and is able to source the complete hardware needs of a project from a simpe SCSI connector through to a complete Data Room. We can also dispose of yuor legacy equipment.

Get in Touch

  • +1 702 949 0906

  • gse @

  • Address:

    9030 W Sahara Avenue
    Suite 202
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

For more information about Locum or to discuss your needs:

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