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Locum Integration was founded by two project managers with the purpose of streamlining the whole Project Management process, both for clients and our staff alike. Like other professions, the 'body of knowledge' has become burdensome almost to the point of being cost prohibitive and a huge overhead premium to most clients.

As a result, Locum has built its service offering to provide a cradle to grave resource, reducing cost and administrative burden. The whole aim is to provide superior performance and be a one stop shop for project delivery.

Locum's Project Management Services

Locum Integration has three main offerings in the Project Management sector, namely per Project Outsource, project management placement and Locum Integration's flagship service, “On Demand PMO™”.

On Demand PMO™ is an alternative to traditional IT staff augmentation services in that it allows companies to buy and use IT-PMO (Program Management / Project Management) labor hours as needed, either in a traditional full-time 40 hour per week model, or part-time as needed. By utilizing billable hours only to meet demand, companies can actually save upwards of 30% on their IT Program Management and Project Management costs.

The concept behind On Demand PMO™ is simple: It is a faster, more immediate way for companies to staff up or “ramp up” for a rapid implement or deploy an IT project. It’s like having a PMO on retainer to address IT and Technology issues as they come up – everything from Design and Management to a more overall Program or Project Management.

In operating a traditional staff augmentation model, companies often have to submit their Project Manager candidates through a VMS, or Vendor Management System – which adds many layers of complexity as well as some favoritism on the part of selected staff augmentation vendors. The worst feature of a VMS is that it drives up cost for the company forced to use it, by adding an unnecessary, administratively-heavy layer in the talent acquisition process. VMS entities themselves are often partial in many instances have prevented companies from being able to rapidly acquire the best talent for their projects. Where there is inherent complexity in the process, there is an increase in costs to the company.

The advantage of On Demand PMO™ over a typical staff augmentation or job-shops is the ability to deploy services with a minimum of fanfare and bureaucratic red tape. Locum can begin services with an approved quotation and a PO number from clients: The companies are simply hiring a service like any other vendor, and not hiring “bodies” per se.

On Demand PMO™ is a simple, but cost-effective model that takes into account the downtime and inherent inefficiencies between typical Project Management tasks needed to manage a project. This results in lower overhead costs and paying a premium resource for downtime. Locum can mobilize faster, often with a simple Purchase Order Number. For companies and clients wishing to pre-purchase blocks of hours, the cost savings can be even greater. Because companies pay only for what they need and when they need it. This also allows Locum to place more seasoned, experienced, Project Managers whose hourly rates may otherwise be cost prohibitive without the On Demand PMO™ model.

Locum Integration LLC

Locum Integration is an independent Information Technology company that offers project management, systems integration, vendor management and dedicated equipment source and supply to its clients. Vender agnostic, Locum can source worldwide and offers custom purchasing services for individual projects.

Locum PMO

Locum's PMO offerings comprise a wide spectrum of services from traditional PM placement, complete PMO outsourcing through to our flagship service, PMO ON DEMAND™.
Locum is able to provide PMs for either less than 40 hrs per week or for projects with a short term duration.

Locum Equipment

Locum has access to vendors all over the world and is able to source the complete hardware needs of a project from a simpe SCSI connector through to a complete Data Room. We can also dispose of yuor legacy equipment.

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