Why Locum Integration?

Because Locum Integration’s founders started off their careers as “hands-on” IT Project Managers, they have a keen sense of what it takes to actually run a project in the real world, under real world conditions – and deliver it on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of the client or customer. The very definition and nature of our name, “Locum” means to come in, provide extensive expertise and complete a task, project, or series of projects for our clients in a fulfilling, but concise, fiscally controlled manner, with the utmost level of excellence and commitment.

“We’re not here to polish the shovel, we’re here to roll up our sleeves and dig in.”

Personal Service

"Miscommunication is endless. That’s why at Locum, we understand the importance of listening to our clients carefully and offering not only the latest and greatest technology available, but providing the right technology choices and solutions for clients that meet their functional and performance requirements, design aesthetic and budget.”

A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Locum Integration can provide complete Program Management and Project Management support and services and can manage your project from Design through Installation, Acceptance and Beneficial Use. This can relieve or alleviate a company’s need to “staff up” or create an internal Design Management or Construction Management department, saving that company time, money and energy. As soon as your project depends on either upstream or downstream activities, it is likely that you have a program. Locum Integration specializes in managing such IT or Technology portfolios and providing complete Project Management Office (PMO) services.

Cost Savings

There's plenty that can go wrong on a typical company network. A switch might be overwhelmed with traffic, or an unauthorized device could gain access to sensitive assets. These issues can lead to downtime, which results in lost business opportunities as well as potential consequences for reputation.

Accordingly, a network audit and monitoring service saves money because it reduces the risk of such incidents. To automatically discover and visualize devices using network monitoring means that you know about network issues as soon as they occur and you can resolve these issues before users or customers are affected. Even with changes in the way IT departments are allocating their budgets, it is clear that network audits and monitoring is a cost-sensitive way to protect your network’s assets and save valuable time and money that can be used toward other important IT goals.

Locum Integration LLC

Locum Integration is an independent Information Technology company that offers project management, systems integration, vendor management and dedicated equipment source and supply to its clients. Vender agnostic, Locum can source worldwide and offers custom purchasing services for individual projects.

Locum PMO

Locum's PMO offerings comprise a wide spectrum of services from traditional PM placement, complete PMO outsourcing through to our flagship service, PMO ON DEMAND™.
Locum is able to provide PMs for either less than 40 hrs per week or for projects with a short term duration.

Locum Equipment

Locum has access to vendors all over the world and is able to source the complete hardware needs of a project from a simpe SCSI connector through to a complete Data Room. We can also dispose of yuor legacy equipment.

Get in Touch

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